So I'm happy...?? Let me preface this by saying, no, I am NOT currently in a relationship. But that's another story told on another playlist! That said, I am in a really good, HAPPY space in life right now. Rediscovering my happiness, and what I allow to affect it, has been amazing! I feel like... Continue Reading →


So this is what I'm up to post-grad... This one's pretty straightforward— we're paying homage and getting our lives to the ladies who made the 80s. *Olivia Newton-John voice* LET'S GET NO-STAL-GIC! Pick your favorite music streaming service and get into it below! Spotify: Apple Music: Tidal:  


SO I'M LATE & I'M SORRY, BUT I'M TRYNA GRADUATE. Also, Apple Music wouldn't let me add the explicit version of "Indica Badu" for some reason, so there's that... But let's not waste anymore time, pick your favorite streaming service & ENJOY! SPOTIFY:   APPLE MUSIC: TIDAL:          ... Continue Reading →


February 2018 brought us various forms of black excellence AND a bundle of bops. PRAISE BLACK JESUS! Pick your favorite streaming service and get into it below! *DISCLAIMER: Apparently "Mountains of Gold" was released as a single back in September, but I heard it for the first time on Everything Is Recorded this February. So yeah...... Continue Reading →

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