So April flops bring May bops?

Unfortunately, before we even got to the music, May 2017 kicked off with an unsolicited re-rebranding of Miley Cyrus. Yep, Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana aka the former Disney star who taught America what a mediocre twerk looks like, has decided to finally turn into Miley Cyrus. Surprise! Rather than just coming back with better hair and vibrato than ever, Miley took it upon herself to denounce hip-hop. As if ANYone asked her to share her opinion on ANYthing remotely related to the genre. Good old, Miles! America’s ex-sweetheart has sworn off all things rap (except for Disney-esque rappers like Kendrick Lamar, of course). She’s also given up listening to artists who say “suck on my cock”. Sorry, white pornstars!

Luckily, May 2017 also brought us new music from legends like Patti LaBelle and Missy Elliot as well as newer artists like Sabrina Claudio, Bryson Tiller and Shameik Moore. RIP The Get Down.

At any rate, feel free to get into my favorite tracks that May had to offer! Pick your favorite service and stream below.




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