So You Had A Bad Day

So I had a bad day.

Have you ever had a bad day? Have you ever had a SUPER bad day? Like one of those wow-my-love-life-is-in-limbo-and-I’m-super-broke-with-hella-bills-and-I-have-to-PAY-to-get-to-my-UNpaid-internship-on-time-by-using-money-that-I-get-from-my-underpaid-part-time-job-and-I-barely-have-enough-money-leftover-to-eat-AND-pay-rent-AND-pay-my-other-bills-so-I-may-just-have-to-pick-one-and-on-top-of-THAT-I’m-taking-an-inconvenient-ass-summer-class-in-order-to-graduate-on-time-and-clearly-THAT-wasn’t-enough-because-I-accidentally-hung-up-on-the-CEO-of-the-company-that-I-intern-for-TWICE-within-two-minutes-and-I-have-to-renew-my-license-before-my-birthday-not-because-I’m-getting-a-car-but-because-America-says-that-I-can-finally-drink-this-year-and-I-really-miss-my-mom-right-now-and-I-REALLY-just-need-about-10-extra-hours-in-EACH-day-to-get-everything-done-and-NOT-be-sleep-deprived-for-once-but-Beyoncé-said-to-grind-from-monday-to-friday-and-work-from-Friday-to-Sunday-so-here-I-am type of bad day? Just me?

Yes, I am being dramatic. Like more dramatic than a budding reality TV star fighting for a spot on the main cast. I get it. But I had a bad day and I wanna sit in that feeling for a moment. I want to fully acknowledge how shitty it was so when I have better days (hopefully sooner rather than later), I won’t take them for granted.

In the wise words of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus/The Girl Who Taught White America What a Mediocre Twerk Looks Like/Whomever, “Everybody has those days!”


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