Sip N’ Type: “Hella Disrespectful”

Sip N’ Type: Where I drink and live review my favorite shows. Think live tweeting, except with cheap alcohol and I’m the only one tweeting. So it’s more fun.

Show: Insecure— Season 2, Episode 7

Drink: (Cheap) Moscato. Barefoot brand. Yes, I’m THAT guy.

So niggas are hella disrespectful.

Wow this kid on the bus is bouta make me cry. HE JUST WANTSTO TAKE HIS PSATs AND DO WELL IN SCHOOL, SOMEBODY HELP HIM.

Lawrence’s coworkers are so strange to me. I’m not sure what it is, but something is up with them…

Frieda is so cute. She’s such a comedic relief on the show. Even though it’s a comedy, but you get it.

Why can’t Molly and Dro just get married?? Proabably because he’s married already… Oh well.

Molly is definitely jealous. This little relationship is not gonna last.

Wow, Tiffany is highkey fake for giving Issa that weak ass heads up that Lawrence is gonna be at the birthday party.

YIKES, Lawrence’s petty ass blocked Issa on social media. I’m triggered.

I love how the show is touching on how tough it is for black women to get the respect, recognition and PAY that they deserve after producing equal or, usually, better work.

I’m not sure why, but I didn’t really see what Daniel did as being that messed up. I thought it was a genuine mistake, but maybe not… Maybe I’m projecting. YIKES.

Go off, Issa!

Side note: the soundtrack throughout this entire series is THE best on TV.

Kelli is HILARIOUS. And I love how you can tell that some of her lines are completely improv.

CRINGING at this interaction between Candace and Molly. Like I get, and sort of admire open relationships, but I don’t think I’d be able to casually speak to someone who is currently sleeping with my partner. Like sleeping with them all the time?? Whenever they feel like it??? And they actually have chemistry so it’s not just sexual?????


Lawrence makes it so hard for me to like him as a character. I mean I get the hurt from the heartbreak (that Issa caused), but c’mon.

WOW Lawrence really brought that new girl (the second girl he’s seriously entertained since the break-up, might I add) to an intimate birthday party. Among friends. Friends that he met THROUGH Issa. Niggas.

The relationship between Kelli and Issa’s brother geeeeks.

Molly is such a good friend for giving Lawrence that look.

YIKES! This conversation between Lawrence and Issa is getting heated.

YIKES Issa brought up Tasha. Leave that poor girl alone, she’s been through enough this season.

YIKES Issa did NOT bring up Lawrence’s flop “Woot Woot” (that name is still hilarious). That was cold. But he did deserve that.

Lawrence called her a hoe??? Really nigga?? Whole time, he’s having a bigger hoe phase than she is! Niggas.

OK, WHO was singing for their life while everyone was singing happy birthday to Derek??Shanté, you stay.

MOLLY AND DRO ARE NOT SERIOUS RIGHT NOW IN THIS PUBLIC BATHROOM WITH HIS WIFE FEET AWAY. Their chemistry is undeniable, but this whole situation is messy.

Go head, Molly. As good as the sex may be (or seem to be), you know you’re not really cut out for this. Keep focusing on the new Molly. I believe in you!

Lawrence is PISSED and I’m weak.

Of course they’re trying to raise Issa’s rent. Gentrification strikes again! Dang, this hasn’t happened to me, but I feel for Issa right now. She really is going through a lot.

YESS ISSA! TEAR THAT SHIT UP! Well it is your shit… but I’m all for a healthy release of anger. Carry on.

UGH of course the episode is already over after what seemed like 10 minutes. Typical. Give us hour-long episodes, Issa. We deserve.

Well I might as well do a quick recap since I’m already on here and clearly ready to talk!

My take on the episode: Lawrence STILL ain’t shit. Help him, Lord. Issa is STILL dealing with the repercussions of cheating on Lawrence with Daniel. She lowkey highkey deserves it, but I’m still here for her. Daniel STILL ain’t shit. probably never will be, bless his heart. Molly STILL hasn’t figured out her love life, although she was pretty close a few episodes ago. Still rooting for her. Lil Rel is STILL funny af even though I haven’t learned his character’s name on the show. Dro is STILL married (open relationship or not), but he’s STILL worth risking it all for. White people are STILL trying to force people of color out of our neighborhoods via raising rent and other trifling tricks. Kelli is STILL funny and lovable af and I’m here for her character growth. But most importantly, cheap moscato is STILL the move.

Lemme know your thoughts below! Or just think them, if you want. Maybe I should’ve just thought mine instead. Oh well, we’re here now!


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