FIRST LISTEN REVIEW: Camila Cabello’s ‘Camila’

So this may or may not be worth reading.

First thing’s first: I realize how unfair it is for me to just give my unsolicited, immediate reaction to an artist’s work. I realize that they spend valuable time and money on their craft. I really do. The only problem here is that I’m going to do it anyway, and you’re going to either tap/click/scroll/swipe/sashay away or sit down and enjoy the ride.

Secondly, I’ve never heard a Camila song in my life. Actually, I don’t know much about her at all, but I’ve heard that she can’t sing. Yikes. So I’m going into this sort of biased I guess? Idk, but I’m doing it!

Now that that’s out of the way, I’m gonna listen to her debut solo project for the first time and write my initial thoughts (I’ll probably spell/grammar check before actually posting this, but that’s it for editing). Let’s get to it.

1. Never Be The Same

Wait she has a decent voice! I mean it’s nothing special… But yeah. This is a cute, catchy song for sure. But I feel that the first track should set the stage and I’m not sure what kind of stage she’s trying to set with this. BUT I SAID I’M GONNA DO THIS, SO THAT’S WHAT I’M GONNA DO.

*Bernie Mac voice* Let’s move on!

2. All These Years

This one may be a grower… OKAY, SOLO HARMONIES! I’m not sold on her, by any means, but I’m still on board.

3. She Loves Control

So this is the good section of the album… OK, this is could be a hit. Solid vocals. Reggaton-esque beat. Surface-level girl power lyrics. Yeah, I can see this one being played out for sure. It’s a solid song though.

4. Havana (feat. Young Thug)

I’m honestly proud of myself for not hearing this song until now. With that said, I can definitely see why y’all like it so much. A Bonafide Bop™. Wow, I’m actually mad that I didn’t give in to the hype sooner.

5. Inside Out

I can see this on like an Old Navy summer sale commercial. Not for me, but it’s cute.

6. Consequences

FINALLY SOME SUBSTANCE! This is the type of song that will probably be covered at least once at every high school talent show this semester. I wish the vocals were a bit stronger, but this is a solid track.

7. Real Friends

Is this gonna be the Fifth Harmony-shading track that I’ve been waiting for??? LMAO I THINK IT IS. Light shade, but I’ll take it. This track is gonna be on an overly dramatic episode of some ABC Family (YES, ABC FAMILY) show’s soundtrack this season. I wish she didn’t stay on the high road the whole time, but this is a cute, relatable track for all the teeny boppers out there.

8. Something’s Gotta Give

Okay, I think we’ve reached our quota for mid-tempo, piano driven, dramatic ballads. I could’ve done without this one. And I’m getting bored now.

9. In the Dark

This song isn’t for me. “You can strip down without showing skin.” LOL yeah I don’t think this one is for my age group. Ima let her finish though.

10. Into It

This one will probably be a minor radio hit. Maybe major, with the way pop is set up these days. It’ll probably be on the soundtrack and/or overplayed commercial of a teeny bopper spring/summer blockbuster too. Basic lyrics, but that’s fine. Nice lil beat, but I’m tired of this sound now. I’m not into it. *ba-dum tst*


WELP, I made it!

All in all, I can now slightly see it for her. I know what kind of music she’s going to give. I think I see the type of artist that she is. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m on board, but I appreciate the fact that I’m not left wondering “But…who the hell is this girl??”. She’s one of the girls that’s going to give you today’s version of straightforward pop with the occasional crossover hit. I appreciate the clarity. Further, I’m glad that she didn’t try to do some big anthem with a feature in hopes of recreating a Fifth Harmony hit. Smart move on her (and her team’s) part. This album is definitely out of my age group, but I see it resonating with the teens of today.

Will I be replaying the album? *a resounding “No.”* But there are a couple of tracks that deserve to be revisited and there are a couple that I might put on my January playlist. Would I say I’m a Camila fan? No ma’am. But I like a good bop and she gave me a couple! Will I be half-following her career now? Probably. I feel like she has potential and I’m interested to see her grow as an artist. Was this review worth anyone’s time? Probably not, but at least I know who she is now!


*Featured Image courtesy of Variety


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