February 2018 brought us various forms of black excellence AND a bundle of bops. PRAISE BLACK JESUS! Pick your favorite streaming service and get into it below! *DISCLAIMER: Apparently "Mountains of Gold" was released as a single back in September, but I heard it for the first time on Everything Is Recorded this February. So yeah...... Continue Reading →

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October Was Cold

So I'm talking tracks, not temps. October 2017 was actually a little warm, but global warming doesn't exist so it's fine! RIGHT??? Lord, help us. But yeah, a lot of good music dropped last month! Sam Smith got us in our feelings early on with the Timberland-produced, "Pray". Kelela blessed us with her debut album, Take... Continue Reading →

Spooky Tunes

So here's the thing. I planned on saying a bunch of stuff about October and all the cool things to do during this time of year, but I really just made this playlist because I like when artists make darker, sort of creepy music. So yeah! Pick your favorite streaming platform and get spooky below. SPOTIFY:... Continue Reading →


  So let's define what it means to be a Bad Bitch. According to my favorite definition on UrbanDictionary.com, a bad bitch is a "A self respected, strong female who has everything together. That consists of body, mind, finances, and swagger. Also, a female who does and gets hers by any means necessary." Profound. This... Continue Reading →

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