October Was Cold

So I'm talking tracks, not temps. October 2017 was actually a little warm, but global warming doesn't exist so it's fine! RIGHT??? Lord, help us. But yeah, a lot of good music dropped last month! Sam Smith got us in our feelings early on with the Timberland-produced, "Pray". Kelela blessed us with her debut album, Take... Continue Reading →

Spooky Tunes

So here's the thing. I planned on saying a bunch of stuff about October and all the cool things to do during this time of year, but I really just made this playlist because I like when artists make darker, sort of creepy music. So yeah! Pick your favorite streaming platform and get spooky below. SPOTIFY:... Continue Reading →


  So let's define what it means to be a Bad Bitch. According to my favorite definition on UrbanDictionary.com, a bad bitch is a "A self respected, strong female who has everything together. That consists of body, mind, finances, and swagger. Also, a female who does and gets hers by any means necessary." Profound. This... Continue Reading →

Sip N’ Type: “Hella Disrespectful”

Sip N' Type: Where I drink and live review my favorite shows. Think live tweeting, except with cheap alcohol and I'm the only one tweeting. So it's more fun. Show: Insecure— Season 2, Episode 7 Drink: (Cheap) Moscato. Barefoot brand. Yes, I'm THAT guy. So niggas are hella disrespectful. Wow this kid on the bus is bouta... Continue Reading →

Summer Luhh

  So summer's pretty much over. It's definitely September, but it's also still hot outside. So whatever. At any rate, this playlist is sort of bigger than summer. Yes, most of the songs included were either released or made popular in the summertime, but it's more about a feeling. It's about that light, airy feeling... Continue Reading →


  So August didn't come to make friends. AUGUST 2017 CAME TO GIVE US BOPS. We got tracks to dance to, cry to, vibe to, feel like THAT bitch to, etc. August got us like BET swears they do year after year. But I digress. This month gave us new music from favorites like Frank... Continue Reading →


So I feel personally attacked. June 2017 gave us some pretty solid albums and singles, but they all were conveniently aimed at me. SZA read me for being an insecure, sort-of-fucked-up person who is overly obsessed with the concept of control throughout her debut masterpiece. Jay Z read me for being a nigga that's afraid... Continue Reading →

So You Had A Bad Day

So I had a bad day. Have you ever had a bad day? Have you ever had a SUPER bad day? Like one of those wow-my-love-life-is-in-limbo-and-I'm-super-broke-with-hella-bills-and-I-have-to-PAY-to-get-to-my-UNpaid-internship-on-time-by-using-money-that-I-get-from-my-underpaid-part-time-job-and-I-barely-have-enough-money-leftover-to-eat-AND-pay-rent-AND-pay-my-other-bills-so-I-may-just-have-to-pick-one-and-on-top-of-THAT-I'm-taking-an-inconvenient-ass-summer-class-in-order-to-graduate-on-time-and-clearly-THAT-wasn't-enough-because-I-accidentally-hung-up-on-the-CEO-of-the-company-that-I-intern-for-TWICE-within-two-minutes-and-I-have-to-renew-my-license-before-my-birthday-not-because-I'm-getting-a-car-but-because-America-says-that-I-can-finally-drink-this-year-and-I-really-miss-my-mom-right-now-and-I-REALLY-just-need-about-10-extra-hours-in-EACH-day-to-get-everything-done-and-NOT-be-sleep-deprived-for-once-but-Beyoncé-said-to-grind-from-monday-to-friday-and-work-from-Friday-to-Sunday-so-here-I-am type of bad day? Just me? Yes, I am being dramatic. Like more dramatic than a budding reality TV star fighting for a spot on the main cast. I... Continue Reading →

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